This this smooth elegant wine is swimming in flavours and aromas of black cherries, and dark chocolate. The accompaniment of these flavours combined with the fine balance of tannins and French oak create a wine that is full of intense layers of flavour that remain on the palate.

This elegant small batch wine, is bursting with aromas of dark fruits and spice, the flavours accompanied with the delicate combination of French oak and tannins create a wine that is full of depth that tastefully lingers on the palate.

This delicate small batch wine has been gently made with minimal intervention this natural wine making process enhance the Pinot Noir flavour in the wine. The MV6 Pinot Noir is regarded as the best clone to make a premium grade Pinot Noir from.

A fresh crisp wine is perfect on a warm summers afternoon, or accompanied with fresh seafood. The zesty citrus flavours as well as hints of lychee and gooseberry make a perfectly balanced wine.