Our Location

Kelvedon Estate is situated 10 Kilometres south of Swansea on Tasmania’s picturesque East Coast. The Kilometres of unspoiled coastal views overlooking Great Oyster Bay and Freycinet Peninsular are simply jaw dropping. Looking west is just as delightful with rolling hills of native forest, full of eucalypts and native wildlife running back into the Great Eastern Tiers.

Land and Conservation

1200 hectares is locked up with conservation under the private forest reserve program. This provides habitat for the Swift Parrot, Wedge Tailed Eagle and Sea Eagles. The sand dunes at Kelvedon Beach are fenced off to prevent livestock accessing and to protect the native shore birds.

The Buildings

Part of Kelvedon Estates charm is its heritage listed buildings circa 1829. The local stone and timbers used in the buildings are still visible today. The shingle rooves have been preserved and can been see when entering the shearing shed and Dutch barn.

Our famous boat shed (possibly the most photographed building on the East Coast) sits on shelly point the southern end of Kelvedon Beach. The boat shed is an important part of our history as this is where all the farm supplies were received from and how our produce left the farm.


Kelvedon Estate was settled in 1829 by Francis and Anna Maria Cotton, who immigrated from England, aboard the ss. William and Mary Jellicoe with their Five children and good friend Dr George Fordyce Story. They had originally planned to settle in New South Wales, however after a rough voyage and word of good prospects they decided to settle in Tasmania.

The property has expanded over the years and changed enterprises to reflect the climate. Through the 50’s and again in the 70’s and 80’s Douglas Cotton ran successful Hereford Studs, however due to the typically dry East Coast a cattle enterprise became increasingly difficult to maintain and was dispersed in the early 90’s. The vines which like the dry conditions were the perfect enterprise to replace the cattle, and have continued to grow and be successful over the years.